Privacy Policy


STYLOP takes its obligations to protect your personal information and to comply with Applicable Laws extremely seriously. We are dedicated to managing, protecting, and processing your Personal Data in line with this Policy, which applies to all Personal Data we acquire from you via our Platforms.

Please take the time to read and understand our Policy, which explains how we collect, use, process, and disclose your Personal Data. We may also collect and treat your Personal Data in accordance with any exceptions to Applicable Laws not covered by this Policy. We trust that it will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to give us any of your Personal Data.

Capitalized terms used in this Policy shall have the following meanings for the purposes of understanding STYLOP’s Personal Data Protection Policy (“Policy”):

  1. “Applicable Laws” refers to Bangladesh’s Digital Security Act 2018 as well as its subsidiary legislations and regulations, as amended from time to time;
  2. “Apps” refers to our STYLOP iOS and Android mobile app;
  3. “Personal Data” means any data, whether true or not, that is (a) about an individual who can be identified (i) from that data; or (ii) from that data and other information to which we have or are likely to have access, including data in our records as they may be updated from time to time, or (b) defined as “personal data” or “personal information” under any applicable Data Protection Laws;
  4. “Platforms” refers to STYLOP’s Apps, Social Media, and Website, as well as any other websites or apps that we may own or manage at any time;
  5. STYLOP’s pages and accounts on third-party social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ are referred to as “Social Media”;
  6. “Website” or “Site” refers to the STYLOP website, which may be found at;
  7. “STYLOP”, “we,” “us”, or “our” refers to the Z&Y Group and its affiliates; and
  8. “You” and “your” refers to the Customer who places an Order;

We may gather Personal Data from you during our engagement with you. Personal Data that we may collect include your name, contact information, postal and delivery addresses, email address, birth date, GPS location, network and device data, shopping or browsing habits, facial image, and voice recording (for customer service calls) and any other personally identifiable information you have supplied us in any forms you may have submitted to us, or via any other forms of interaction between you and us.

By providing Personal Data related to a third party to us, you indicate to us that you have acquired the third party’s agreement to provide us with their Personal Data for the respective purposes.

You agree to the terms of this Policy by (1) clicking “Yes” on our Policy pop-up or any web form on any of our online platforms referring to this Policy, (2) submitting your Personal Data to us when signing up for an account on the Website, (3) browsing our Website, or (4) ordering any of our products and services.

This Policy may be updated to keep up with industry developments and/or changes in legal or regulatory requirements. You agree to be bound by the current Policy’s provisions, as modified from time to time. We will endeavour to notify you by email or by notice on the Website of any substantial changes to the Policy.


We collect Personal Data from you when:

(a) You create a user account on the Website or through Apps;

(b) You utilise one of our associated services, such as signing up for our newsletter or receiving product notifications;

(c) You use our Website and Apps to browse at our products and services;

(d) You allow our cookies on your device;

(e) You communicate with our customer experience team or other representatives via our webform, emails, phone calls, letters, or in-person meetings;

(f) You interact with us on our Social Media, such as liking our posts, commenting on our posts, private messaging us on our Social Media;

(g) You take part in our promotions, lucky draws, initiatives or any request for additional Personal Data such as customer surveys;

(h) We get referrals from business partners and third parties, such as when you were recommended to us to reap the benefits of a joint promotion or collaboration, or to redeem a voucher you acquired via them;

(i) Your authorised representative provides us with your Personal Data for any reason you have reasonably permitted, such as purchasing a product or service for you or as a gift;

(j) Your Personal Data is provided to us by our third-party analytics and other service providers, who gathered, processed, and disclosed it to us in accordance with their separate privacy policies.

(k) When you provide your Personal Data to us voluntarily for any reason.

We do not generally collect credit card details, whether it is to process a payment or to provide customer support. Our third-party payment processors, SSL Wireless’ Payment Gateway, collect, process, and store your credit card details directly, in accordance with their terms of service and privacy policies. We do not keep any details about your credit card. We may, however, collect your bank account details in order to process refunds.

Please see our Cookies Policy below for information on how third-party cookies and trackers on our Website and Apps collect and utilise data.


We may use and disclose your Personal Data for necessary purposes in order to provide you with our products as services, including to:

(a) create and manage your user account, as well as to verify your identity or age;

(b) process your order for our products or services, including processing or collecting payment;

(c) deliver or perform the products or services you ordered, including having our couriers contact you via phone or text message to get your delivery instructions;

(d) process your returns or refunds in line with our Terms of Service;

(e) provide you with user account-related services and features, such as saved items in cart, wish lists, and brand or product notifications;

(f) communicate with you on (i) your queries, requests, and feedback, (ii) substantial changes to our Website or Apps Terms of Service, Policy, or other terms and conditions, and (iii) account-related matters;

(g) personalize and optimise your customer experience on the Website and Apps, such as by prioritising products and services that show in your search results or feed;

(h) keep an eye on and enforce compliance with our Terms of Service, including the settlement of disputes;

(i) adhere to (i) internal risk controls, (ii) the terms of our access to payment processing, financial or banking services, such as credit card disputes, fraud, and billing errors, or (iii) any applicable law; and

(j) Ensure that our Website and Apps run smoothly and that their performance is improved by doing activities such as debugging and statistical analysis for the purpose of improving our Website and Apps.

(collectively, the “Purposes”)

Furthermore, your Personal Data may be used and disclosed for the following purposes:

(a) send you marketing communications about our sales, products, services, promotions or the Platforms;

(b) send you marketing communications about business partners’ sales, products, services, or promotions, including promotional mail in conjunction with your order;

(c) deliver ads on the Platforms or other websites, apps, or online platforms that are relevant to our products and services and may be of interest to you;

(d) make it possible for businesses to offer ads relating to their products and services that you might be interested in;

(e) offer you with premium services like STYLOP NOW as an add-on;

(f) welcome you to one of our exclusive client events;

(g) process your participation in our promotions, lucky draws, initiatives or any request for additional Personal Data such as customer surveys;

(h) process your participation in the loyalty or point redemption programmes of our business partners;

(i) perform market and customer research, analysis, or tracking; 

(j) use our Platforms to advertise our products and services;

(k) manage the STYLOP’s administrative and business operations while adhering to internal policies and procedures;

(l) enhance your customer experience across all touch points and train our customer service personnel, including recording and monitoring phone calls; and

(m) any specific purpose in regard to a certain product or service, about which we may tell you individually on the product or service page.

(collectively, the “Additional Purposes”)

We may also utilise your Personal Data (a) for Additional Purposes that are reasonably linked to the Purposes and for which we have obtained and retain relevant consent; or (b) in circumstances where such use does not require consent under Applicable Laws.

Note that if you withdraw your consent for us to use and process your Personal Data the Purposes or the Additional Purposes, we may no longer be able to provide you with the relevant products, services or benefits associated with our promotion.


In relation to our use of your Personal Data for the Purposes or Additional Purposes, we may disclose your Personal Data to our:

(a) employees, consultants, temporary workers;

(b) STYLOP marketplace vendors, who supply and deliver the products or services you ordered via the Website or Apps;

(c) payment processors, who process your transactions on the Website and through the Apps;

(d) logistical companies, such as courier services, who will deliver your order to you;

(e) business partners that have their own loyalty or point-redeeming account with you;

(f) business partners or vendors in the course of processing any promotion, event, or service that we organise;

(g) consultants and professional advisers;

(h) service providers, contractors, or agents who provide us with operational services, such as online cloud storage and processing, marketing optimization, information technology, telecommunications, security, or other relevant services that require your Personal Data to be collected, used, or disclosed; and

(i) any other party to whom you have given us permission to share your Personal Data.

We may also disclose your Personal Data (a) for other purposes which are reasonably related to the Purposes and where we have obtained and maintain related consent, the Additional Purposes; or (b) in circumstances where such disclosure does not require consent under the Applicable Laws.

We make every effort to limit the disclosure of your Personal Data to the information necessary to perform the related Purpose or Additional Purpose.

Please make sure that all of your Personal Data is complete, accurate, true, and right before submitting it to us. If you do not comply, we may be unable to deliver the items and services you have requested.



You may edit or correct your name, e-mail address, birthday, shipping and billing addresses and contact numbers by logging in to your user account on the Website or through Apps under “Account Information” and clicking the “Edit” button under each relevant field.

For Personal Data that cannot be corrected by you by logging in to your user account on the Website or Apps, you may request to access and correct such Personal Data by submitting a written request to us via email to our customer service team. Before granting access or making the adjustment, we may need to obtain further information from you to verify your identity.

We will try our utmost to respond to Personal Data access and correction requests within 21 working days from the date of receipt of the requests. In the event that we are unable to fulfil this deadline, we will notify you with the soonest possible time within we can provide the information or make the correction. Please keep in mind that under Applicable Laws, certain types of Personal Data access and correction requests may be exempted.

Please be aware that we may charge you a fair fee for handling and processing your request for access to your Personal Data.

We shall communicate your corrected Personal Data to every other person or entity to whom STYLOP has disclosed such Personal Data within a year OR twelve (12) months after the date of the correction, unless such person or entity does not need the corrected Personal Data for any legal or business purpose or unless we have reasonable grounds to believe that the other person or entity has ceased using such Personal Data for the purpose for which such disclosure was made.


If you no longer want us to send you sales, promotional or marketing material, please inform us as follows:

(a) to withdraw consent from receiving SMS promotions: please unsubscribe by following the instructions in the promotional SMS;

(b) to withdraw consent from receiving promotional or marketing emails: please unsubscribe by clicking the Unsubscribe link;

(c) to withdraw consent from receiving promotional or marketing material with your order package: please email our Customer Service at the email address shown below.

It may take up to thirty (30) working days for your withdrawal to be reflected in our systems once we receive notification that you wish to withdraw your consent to receive promotional or marketing materials or messages. Therefore, during this period, you may still receive promotional or marketing materials or messages.

If you withdraw your consent to receive promotional or marketing materials via a certain mode of communication (e.g. SMS), we may still contact you for other purposes in relation to the products and services you have subscribed to via other mode of communication (e.g. email).

By making a written request through email to our Customer Service, you may withdraw your consent to the collection, use, and/or disclosure of any of your Personal Data in our possession or under our control. Please keep in mind that, depending on the nature of the consent withdrawal, we may no longer be able to provide you with some or all of our products or services. We shall respond to such a request within a reasonable amount of time after obtaining notification of your withdrawal of consent. We will no longer collect, use, and/or disclose your Personal Data after the processing is complete, except to the extent we retain your Personal Data for compliance, regulatory or other legal purposes.


We shall make reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and completeness of Personal Data likely to be used by us or disclosed to another entity. However, if your Personal Data changes, you must notify us. If you have not updated us with any changes, we will not be liable if we rely on erroneous or incomplete Personal Data.

In addition, we shall use reasonable security measures to ensure that your Personal Data is appropriately protected and secured. This includes putting in place reasonable safeguards to protect your Personal Data from unauthorised access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, leakage, loss, damage, or alteration. However, we will not be liable for any unauthorised use of Personal Data by third parties caused by circumstances beyond our control.

We will take steps to ensure that Personal Data in our possession is destroyed, permanently deleted, or anonymised when (i) it is no longer required for any reason related to the purpose for which it was originally collected or (ii) its retention by us is no longer necessary for any other legal or business purposes.

We shall comply with Applicable Laws whenever Personal Data is transmitted outside of Bangladesh. This includes (i) obtaining your consent, unless Applicable Laws or other laws provide an exemption, and (ii) taking reasonable measures to determine whether the overseas receiver of the Personal Data is required to adhere to data protection standards at least similar to the Applicable Laws.


STYLOP employs third-party vendors, who may utilise cookies on the Website. Third-party advertising companies may deliver advertisements on the Website. Cookies may be generated by these adverts, for example, to monitor how many people have seen them. The collection, use, and disclosure of information obtained by such third-party cookies, including Personal Data, is subject to the privacy and data protection policies of the third-party vendors and is beyond our control.

You may disable third-party cookies in your browser settings. Please be aware that this may result in the loss of Website functionality, a restriction on your use of the Website, or a delay or change in the way the Website functions.


STYLOP may utilise Google Analytics features based on Display Advertising, including but not limited to remarketing, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, DoubleClick Campaign Manager Integration, and Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting. You may disable Google Analytics for Display Advertising and adjust Google Display Network Advertising by going to the Google Ads Settings page.

STYLOP also advertises online using Remarketing with Google Analytics; third-party vendors, including Google, may display STYLOP advertising on websites throughout the Internet. STYLOP and third-party vendors, including Google, use first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) in conjunction to inform, optimise, and serve ads based on previous visits to STYLOP, as well as report how ad impressions, other uses of ad services, and interactions with these ad impressions and ad services are related to visits.

When you visit the STYLOP website, STYLOP may use Google Analytics to correlate your browsing behaviour to any other data that you have previously supplied, in line with this Policy.


If you have any concerns about your Personal Data or this Policy, or if you have a complaint about how we collect, use, or handle your Personal Data, or if you have a query about how we comply with Applicable Laws, please contact our Customer Service via email (

Attention it to the ‘Data Protection Officer’.

Emails should explicitly mention in the subject line that you are making a data protection query, request, or complaint to ensure that the matter is dealt with expeditiously. We will strive to deal with any query, request or complaint in a timely and equitable manner.



In all respects, Bangladesh Law governs this Policy and your use of this Website.


We shall examine our policies, procedures and procedures from time to time in order to ensure we manage, safeguard and process your Personal Data appropriately. STYLOP may, in this respect, revise this Policy in order to ensure compliance with industry trends and any changes in legal or regulatory requirements. We reserve the right at our absolute discretion to amend the terms of this Policy.

Subject to your legal rights, you agree to be bound by the current terms of the Policy as updated on our Website from time to time. Any revised Policy is available at Website. You agree to be bound by the provisions of this amended Policy by continuing to use our platforms and/or services once the Policy has been revised.

You are urged to check the aforementioned Website on a regular basis to stay up to date on our current policies regarding Personal Data protection.